Rangkuman Materi Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 Bab 1

Guru Madrasah

Rangkuman Materi Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 Bab 1

Chapter 1 : May I Help You?

Offering Help

Offer means to give something physical or abstract to someone, which can be taken as a gift or a trade.

(Tawaran berarti memberikan sesuatu secara nyata atau abstrak kepada seseorang, dimana dapat dihitung sebagai hadiah atau pertukaran.)

Offer can be given in terms of food, money, solution, friendship, help or a bargain. It can be taken or refused.

(Tawaran dapat berupa makanan, uang, solusi, pertemanan, bantuan ataupun tawar menawar. Tawaran dapat diterima ataupun ditolak.)

So, offering help mean offer our intention to help the others.

(Jadi offering help artinya menunjukan itikad atau niatan kita untuk membantu orang lain.)

Social function of offers to facilitate interpersonal communication between different people.

(Fungsi sosial dari tawaran adalah memfasilitasi komunikasi antara orang yang berbeda.)

Expression in Offering Help

When making offering help, we often use the following expressions:

(Ketika menawarkan bantuan, kita sering menggunakan ekspresi berikut ini: )

  • May I …?
  • Can I …?
  • Shall I …?
  • Would you … ?
  • How about I ..?

Example of Offering Help

Here below example of offering help:

(Dibawah ini adalah contoh dari menawarkan bantuan: )

  • May I give you a hand?
  • Can I help you?
  • What can I do for you?

Accepting Offers

In order to accepting offers, we can say:

(Untuk menerima tawaran, kita dapat ucapkan: )

  • Yes, please.
  • Thank you, it is very kind of you.
  • Thank you, I appreciate your help.

Declining Offers

In order to declining offers, we can say:

(Untuk menolak tawaran, kita dapat gunakan: )

  • No, thank you.
  • No, thanks.
  • That’s alright, …
  • Don’t worry, …

Dialogue Example of Offering Help

Here below dialogue example of offering help:

(Dibawah ini adalah contoh dialog tentang menawarkan bantuan: )

Dialouge 1:

Tania: “Hello, Sir. May I help you? Where’s your destination?”

Stranger: “Yes. I need to go to Jakarta. How long will it take from this bus station? Is this Arjosari station?”

Tania: “Yes. This is Arjosari bus station. It takes about 22 hours from here to Jakarta.”

Stranger: “What time will it leave?”

Tania: “It will leave at 02.30 p.m. So, you just need to wait for 45 minutes.”

Stranger: “Do I have to change buses after arriving in Jakarta?”

Tania: “After arriving in Lebak Bulus Terminal, you have a lot of options to reach your final destination. You can get in a ‘Trans Jakarta’ bus, metro mini, bajaj, taxi as well as ojek. You can ask the bus driver there.”

Stranger: “Thank you. I will buy the bus ticket, then.”

Tania: “Wait a moment, please, I’ll process it quickly.”

Stranger: “Ok.”

Dialogue 2:

dr. Nahda : “Hello…”
Fafa : “Hello, doctor.”
dr. Nahda : “You look terrible. What can I do for you?”
Fafa : “I can’t go to school today.”
dr. Nahda : “Oh, I am sorry to hear that. What’s the problem?”
Fafa : “My stomach hurts terribly. I think I have a fever as well.”
dr. Nahda : “Okay, let me check your stomach. Does it hurt here?”
Fafa : “Not that one.”
dr. Nahda : “Here?”
Fafa : “Yes, that’s really terrible.”
dr. Nahda : “Alright then, I’ll give you a prescription. You have to take the pills three times a day, okay?”
Fafa : “Okay, doctor.”
dr. Nahda : “Good. Get well soon, Fafa. Bye.”
Fafa : “Thanks a lot. Bye, doctor.”